How to Tell If the Shoes Are Too Big

If you want to find out whether your shoes are too big for you, there are certain ways that you should keep in mind when trying to buy footwear in the future. These tips can help you gauge whether or not the footwear you are going to purchase could give you much comfort or harm because of its size.

Would you like to learn more? Go ahead and read on to get more facts about how to know if the shoes are too big for you.

Finding Out If Your Shoes Are Indeed Too Big

Here are the steps that you should take to find out if your shoes are not the right size.

Get Your Measurements Right

First, you have to make sure that you are able to get your own measurements right. Prior to buying shoes, make sure that your foot measurements match with what is available in the market. This way, you will be able to find out whether the shoes you’re going to purchase are too big or too small for you.

Take Note of the Style

In addition to this, you have to look at the style of the shoes. Size is just one component to look at when trying to purchase the right pair of shoes. If you are able to find the right style, it would add more comfort to your footwear experience for sure.

Stretch Your Feet

You can also find out if your shoes are larger than your actual size by stretching your feet to reach the end of your shoes. If you end up having space between your feet and the edge of your shoes, then chances are it is too big for you.

You would have to shrink down your shoes or find another pair that would be the right size for you. As for measurements, you should be able to fit the width of your thumb in between your toes and the tip of your shoe.

If you can do this comfortably, then the shoe is on the right size. If there’s too much space, then you may have a problem.

Lace the Shoes

In addition, you should try wearing and lacing the shoes if they have laces. If the shoes would only fit you correctly when you tighten the laces or let the flaps overlap, it is quite a certainty that you have bigger shoes.

Are Your Feet Sliding?

Additionally, if you walk around the store and you find that your feet tend to slide forward inside the shoe, it would be best to look for a shoe that’s just the right size for you.

Curling and Compressing

As you sit down, if you feel this space between your toes in your shoes and if you can curl up your fingers and toes inside the shoe without difficulty, then they are too big for you. Also, if you can compress the edge of your shoe easily by pressing them to the foot of your bed, then you don’t have the right size and should have them replaced.

What to Do If You Are Wearing Shoes That Are Too Big for You?

The most basic thing to do if you have shoes that are too big for you would be to have them replaced right? However, not everyone can afford to have their shoes replaced right away. This is why it is important for you to find out what measures you can take to ensure that you can still wear the shoes even if you find out that it’s way too big for your feet.

Wear Thick Socks

First, try to wear thick socks along with the shoes. The thick socks will be able to fill in the gaps between the wall of your shoes and your feet.

Use Crumpled Newspapers as Fillers

Secondly, you can also fill your shoes with crumpled newspapers, especially in the heel and sole part of the shoes. You can do this if you don’t have thick socks to wear or if the shoes will not go together with thick socks in terms of style.

Break in the Shoes

Breaking in the shoes properly can also help your feet get used to your oversized shoes. Walk with your shoes on around the house as regularly as possible. This will let your feet get used to wearing the shoes so much so that it will not affect your balance anymore in the long run. This will also teach you how to prevent heel slippage in shoes and boots.

It is also important for you to make sure that you are able to strap in your shoes properly. If you are wearing shoes that have laces on them, make sure that you are able to tie them tight so as not to have them falling off while you’re walking down the street.

Final Words

Of course, it is always ideal for you to buy shoes that would fit you quite well. In fact it is recommended. However, if you happen to buy shoes that aren’t the right size for you, you should not fret because there are many ways to deal with the situation without having to ask for professional help just yet.

You should also try to research more about how to prevent heel slippage in shoes and boots. It will be a great help to you for sure when it comes to trying on the shoes for size.

You just need to be clever enough to do some research and effectively apply them in your own footwear.

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