How to Tell If Shoes Are Too Small?

It is often said that you need to have tight shoes in order for you to have much-needed support for your feet to gain balance. However, this practice is not very healthy for a lot of reasons. It can be said that it is not even that necessary. There are many articles available online that will explain why this has been considered a myth for a long time now.

For now, though, we will focus on how to tell if shoes are too small for your feet as well as some tips on how to deal with the issue. If you want to learn more, then please do not hesitate to read on.

Various Clues to Find Out If the Shoes Are Too Tight

Aside from the uncomfortable feeling that you get when wearing shoes that are too small for your feet, there are many other signs that you can look for to know whether the shoes will fit you perfectly or not even before you try them on. These are as follows:

Check the Shoe Size

First, you have to look at the shoe size even before you try it on. This is one of the simplest things that you can do to find out if the shoes that you would want to buy would fit comfortably once you wear them.

Do not be afraid to try on the shoes at the department store when shopping. This is how you will know that it will fit you perfectly for extended periods of time. It would also help to take measurements of your feet before buying new shoes, then get footwear for that specific size.

However, there are cases where the shoes would look form fitting for the feet at first sight.

Helpful Clues to Look For

To prevent yourself from wearing tight shoes, look into some hidden clues as to the physical appearance and the feel of the shoe before wearing it. Some of these clues are listed below:

1. Puzzle Toes

Upon wearing, if your toes feel like they fit together like a puzzle, or if they do not face forward when inside the shoes, chances are your shoes are too small and that you would need to have it replaced or repaired.

2. Low Comfort Level

The second clue would be your feeling while wearing the shoes themselves. If you feel constricted in them, chances are they’re too tight. There should be ample space in between the toes and the walls of the shoe for added comfort.

3. Toe Direction

Additionally, the toes should face forward and not in every other direction. If you get stuck in this position for too long, there’s a tendency for the toes to atrophy and stay in this position permanently. However, you can still prevent this from happening. This will be discussed later in the article.

4. Material

The differences in material can also determine whether or not the shoes are too small. Some rubber shoes appear big on the outside but apparently are too small on the inside. If this happens, do not hesitate to return the shoes or try another pair on.

Additional Tips

Another way for you to find out if your shoes are too small is to push your feet of the way to the end of the shoe.

Try to fit your index finger inside the heel of your shoes. If your index finger can fit comfortably in there with room to spare, then you have found your right size. If it is too tight without any room to move, it is recommended that you stretch your shoes right away.

The Solutions

1. Stretch Your Toes

If you happen to wear tight shoes on a regular basis, make sure that you are able to stretch your toes regularly to separate them. If you’re going to paint your toenails, make sure to use toe separators to keep them apart during the procedure. Furthermore, you can practice wiggling your toes regularly to keep them from becoming deformed.

2. Stop Wearing Tight Shoes and Look for Replacements

If your shoes have a tendency to push your toes together or keep them from moving, this is another clue that your footwear is too small. You have to stop wearing this particular type of shoes. Have them replaced right away.

3. Avoid Wearing Thick Socks and Tight Stockings

You also have to avoid wearing thick socks or tight stockings. It will add to the pressure of wearing smaller shoes and press your toes together even more.

4. Use a Shoe-Stretcher

You can use a shoe-stretcher or water to effectively stretch them. Just sprayed the problem areas with enough water and let them dry out. This will stretch new shoes effectively.

5. Ask for Professional Help

On the other hand, if you have enough money to spare you can also have the shoes professionally repaired so that it can fit you much more comfortable in the end.


If you really want to find the perfect shoes and learn how to tell if shoes are too small, you have to think about your own comfort level when wearing footwear. Do not overthink about the design. Comfort should always trump style when it comes to finding something to wear whether for traveling or for daily use.

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